Two things happen biennially:

1) A minority of Americans elect the same old clowns to Congress, and
2) every pilot is required to complete a Flight Review.

The first never makes anyone happy, but the latter should make you wish flight reviews came every week.

They don’t. But that’s no reason to think this once-every-other-year experience can’t be fun, informative and meet all the regulatory stuff in FAR 61.57. And when doing your flight review with Paul Berge, CFII, you can expect all three.

A flight review is not a check ride. It’s a chance for you to polish you’re already sterling skills and glean new insights from an experience instructor and former air traffic controller. Not every flight school offers that option.

Schedule your flight review with Paul Berge, CFII and, perhaps, earn your tailwheel endorsement in the process. You’ll be doing your country a great service by preventing Berge from running for Congress.

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